Chrissy Teigen Shared An Amazing Garlic-Peeling Hack, But Does It Work? We Tested It Out

Garlic is a culinary staple. The flavorful-yet-pungent piece of produce is the base of many dishes and it is used in almost every cuisine, but peeling garlic can be a pain. Its thin skin sticks to fingers… and the garlic’s flesh. That’s exactly why we were thrilled when  Chrissy Teigen shared a garlic-peeling hack that […]

Friday Fix: 5 Healthy Grilled Cheese Recipes

Editor’s note: Each week, our Friday Fix series offers pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers a new topic related to health, diet and nutrition. For today’s post, we are exploring some fun grilled cheese recipes to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day. Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, and we’re celebrating by featuring five of our favorite healthy and […]

Easy Dairy-Free Pie Pops That Will Make Everyone Swoon

Alisa recently wrote about the end of the print version of Cooking Light magazine. Personally, I was still mourning the end of Family Fun magazine when American Girl magazine also announced their discontinuation. Both publications inspired me for years. In the last issue of American Girl there was an article about pie pops, a cute alternative to cake […]